Mkuki Bgoya is a Tanzanian designer and owner of Kina Klothing. Kina Klothing is an exciting East African apparel brand that is internationally recognized. We recommend that you grab as many of these awesome tees as possible. Mkuki has a background in Design and Branding, a graduate of Texas A&M University. He has won several design awards and recently launched his own branding and design company Spearhead. A member of our community, Mkuki brings simplicity and style to African digital art.


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  1. Thanks for the love guys, It is a great honor being recognized by my peers. Much love to ADA.
    Quick correction, The two animations were done by a good friend and co-conspirator Ramsey Ruelas.
    Check his stuff out

    There a couple of motion pieces on the site that I have done but not those two.

    We should be updating the site new Motion work very soon.

    @Jikeb Glad you like the work. Will be updating the site with new work soon.

    Again much love to African Digital Art.

  2. its ya boy daudi(mf) just watching from the sideline n i can c u doin it.
    i like every project u put out just wandaring whats next.
    do what u do coz u do it best
    am with u 110%

  3. this is such an inspiring brand. I’m currently in Tanzania and wondering where i can buy your t shirts. 

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