Africa’s Creative Resume

Africa’s Creative Resume

Omondi Abudho is a digital photographer from Kenya. His creative and unusual resume has captured the attention of notable blog like the huffington post . Omondi’s resume has been featured and called one of the best creative resumes of 2009.We had a chance to ask him about his creative process and this is what he had to say…
I got tired of my flash page flip CV/Portfolio which i did in 2008. So i decided to do something different, something that would out-do my previous CV. It all started when i got a postcard from Photolibrary™… i thought to myself, Direct Mail is not dead… why not create a CV that would be in form of a direct mailer? So one theme came in mind ’ Creative Juice’ hence the idea of a Creative Juice Box in form of a juice carton which would contain the juice (my creative work; Art direction and photography)… but then the shape of the juice carton could not contain my printed portfolio without folding them. So i switch the brief a bit, but maintained the big idea.I changed the box to a coffee box…hence the shape and the text ’locally roasted and freshly ground’.

Thinking outside the box is the same as thinking in a box inside-out… so i wrote the copy to say just that which incidentally lends into the whole box idea while maintaining the creative juice idea…

So to authenticate the execution i picked up most packaging elements such as nutritional values, ingredients, handling instructions, approvals and converted them to my CV elements. The general feel i wanted people to get is that i am a product that is manufactured locally, creative and is unique.

With the idea in place, i took a box template from my packaging stock, picked a couple of icons from a stock library, my photo and stitched everything together; to make a box.

For the electronic version i decided to include prepress marks that subsequently makes the artwork a printing proof, while for the actual direct mailer i printed the artwork folded it and sent it out to 2 Creative Directors. But before i did that, i did a simple test of the idea… i ran it through Ads of the World founder Ivan who pointed out some mistakes i had made but loved the idea and the execution.

Next i found several websites mentions. Referring to my CV as one of the most creative CVs of all times.

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