Sechaba Kgalala is a jack of all trades, a young digital artist from Johannesburg. Sechaba also known as Infadizle spends his time on his animation, design, illustration and photo retouching. We had a chance to catch up with him and get to know him a little….

My name is Sechaba Kgalala. I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. I studied graphic design at University of Johannesburg (formerly known as Technikon Witwatersrand). I graduated in 2003. I’m a freelance graphic designer/illustrator based in Johannesburg.

Strange enough, I wasn’t set out to become a graphic designer, I kind of learned how to be creative. My last year before going into college I wanted to become a chemical engineer but couldn’t afford the course so I went for the another interesting option yet not so expensive at the time. I was top student in maths and science in my matric year. I actually got a D in art.



Advice to up and coming artist …. one should know where their career is going from the day one in college.

Studying graphic design became a challenge and I love challenges, makes life more interesting. I used to spend time in the library reading through design books just to catch with all the creative student while I was pretending that I’m a right-brain. I truly fell in love with design when I came across Neville Brody’s work. That’s when I believe I really became a designer.


Advice to up and coming artist is that, one should know where their career is going from the day one in college.Don’t wait for graduation before you look for a job or internship because you’ll easily end up at a wrong agency. Find out as much as possible about the industry while in college. Make contacts, meet important people ‘cos I find that getting jobs is by word of mouth so relationships are important in the industry. Not once have I had to send my CV to a design studio. I don’t even think any creative director has seen my college degree certificate.