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Cape Town’s Conduit Films & Production Studio has been an impressive studio over the years. Headed by designer / director duo Marc Ziman and David Correia they work in collaboration with a production team to bring their narratives to life. Their new site gives thumbnail views to a slew of lovely design, motion graphic, live action and shorts they have done over the years for clients in South Africa, Kenya, to Germany (etc) and their self-initiated projects.

Early this year Conduit directed 2 shorts for Adidas “The Ultimate Search: The Maestro” Featuring Real Madrid’s Kaka and The Ultimate Search: The Powerhouse” featuring Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard. Working with finished illustrations from comic book / graphic novel artists;¬†Ryan Benjamin illustrated Gerrard while J.G. Jones drew Kaka.

Having a tough challenge to pull these illustrations to life and being limited from using cell-animation as they got final illustrations, we don’t seem to see the limitations inhibit the two final animations. Using After effects the team created depth, added some 3D elements,¬†made the environment scenes pop with added effects. They also added missing pieces, cut out individual elements to make them move organically and created a way to make the over-all environments much richer. Inspired by traditional manga where animation is restrained to give focus to the beautiful environment, they were able to capture a cinematic sense to these animations and add to it a richly layered sound track.

Look out for more from this powerhouse yet small studio.

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