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Feature Artist: Kunle’s VFX Reel [VIDEO]

A couple of years ago, Kunle, full name Oyekunle Jegede freelanced for a small studio I was working in New York. Working then as a generalist designer / animator he moved on to specialise in Visual Effects and especially focusing on fluids. With his skills he has worked in top shops in New York from Psyop, Tronic to Stardust. In his creative process, Kunle works with a few set of tools; houdini, realflow or naiad. He mentions “depending on what I am trying to achieve, I may use either of those, the most convenient is realflow”. However, some projects differ from the next and sometimes houdini works better or naiad is more suitable. He explains his process is pretty similar to any art,  “you start off with a rough sketch (tests) and then start refining things and adding more detail till you get what your trying to achieve”.  Blows my mind to see his work put together in this amazing reel.

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