Luke Younge: Filmmaker [Video]

Luke Younge: Filmmaker [Video]

Luke Younge works under Lucid Pictures a production company in Cape Town that makes powerful, thoughtful films for people who make a difference. His work is tasteful, impressive, well paced and his selective projects that we get to see capture topics from environmental issues, to social activism, music and women leadership. Here are 4  projects we selected of his work. View more of his projects on his vimeo page.


Tomorrow’s Cities

The film takes a look at sustainable energy in South African cities through the eyes of a schoolgirl doing an after-hours rehearsal of her school oral entitled “My  City”

Motion Illustration  & Animation on Tomorrow’s Cities by Michael Clark

Let You Know

Let You Know is the first single released from Larry’s debut album, Crazy Life. Crazy Life was recorded in a single cell in the Douglas Correctional Centre and was released on 13th December 2010; the same day that Larry was released from prison. Larry Joe is a living testimony of someone who has undergone a truly remarkable inner transformation with music being at the very core of this process.

Surf Shadows


Engendering Leadership

Joan Mjomba

Joan Mjomba from Luke Younge on Vimeo.

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