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Visual Essays by Blink Tower [Video]

Motion Graphics has its power play in taking narratives and making them visually stunning! Every once in a while visual essays that are well animated, put a smile on my face. Blink Tower is a production studio in Cape Town that got started in 2010. Behind is incredible creative director Adrian Burger whose personal reel speaks for itself. I much enjoyed  Village Telco a visual essay they created for the wizardry world of the tech & mobile industry and also Trust Fabric a foundation that facilitates relationships between businesses and individuals.


Written by Barbara

Originally from Nairobi, Barbara Muriungi is a motion designer & animator.
After a brief stint working as a sound tech and producing roles in TV and radio, Barbara realised her passion for design and pursued her studies in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects. In between working clients like HBO, Nat Geo, Disney, Fuse, she works on collaborative projects and continues her interests in photography, illustration and travel.

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