Featured Artists: Motion Design studio Addmaya

Featured Artists: Motion Design studio Addmaya

We keep stumbling on surprising talent in Africa and out of the nooks and crannies of Kampala,Uganda are a brilliant team that make up Addmaya. Having worked for different media and production houses over a couple of years, their keen sense of  exploration and  fresh work alongside a diverse range of skills among the four directors Rob, Grace, Arthur and Peter, reassured them that success was certain. They add, “With practically no money, we scrapped and borrowed a few shillings to register the company, hired a G5 Power PC from a good friend (Daniel Hama) and started working. There were many challenges in the beginning but in life we strive to come to point where we dare to live our dreams. The company was born on 13th March 2009 and quickly got into producing some main stream TV adverts, documentaries and a TV show called Better Living that aired on NTV Uganda.”

“Over the past year, we have grown both the client base and the team beyond what we expected. This growth can be attributed to basic principles we set as pillars of our operations. We aimed at maximising customer satisfaction and relationship building in all engagements. We thus limited the number of projects to ensure high quality and on time delivery, all the time.”

Addmaya is an oddball and a tenacious company that figured how best to keep their work having a strong sense of appeal without losing its personality. To add majority of the team did not have formal training in their creative field and yet somehow are professionals at their craft. There’s a sense of admiration to these guys who now are working with clients not just in Uganda but tapping into parts of Southern Africa as well. To see more of their work, peek at their site.














































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  1. HecH

    May 6, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Ohh, I so like the 3d effects on the second video

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