Motion Graphics for social good [Videos]

Motion Graphics for social good [Videos]

There is something to be said about social good, every teenager and university student has plans to make this world a better place before those good intentions are trampled over by other worldly desires.  Non-profits however try to keep this vision pretty serious and real and sometimes do achieve their goals in helping hundreds of people along the way. Their intentions aside, here are a few videos for social good you’ve got to check out. They tug at core of the issue and are emotional.

Elizabeth (Kenya) by Komaza (US)

(KOMAZA is a non-profit social enterprise creating sustainable economic opportunities for farmers living in Africa’s semi-arid regions.)

Design & Animation by Matthew DiVito (US)

Water Changes Everything by Charity Water (US)

Design & Animation by Jonathan Jarvis (US)

Valentines Day by Angle Mission / World Serve (US)

This other video is on a different tangent and points to social awareness campaigns to caution the spread of HIV. Created for a younger audience, teens and young adults, this campaign takes the hard stance of chastity, giving more thought, being more in control and restrain. Avoid being careless is the message passed on in this “Holela” song.

The song is “Holela” by Singer Kwame Mwanaa Mzik (Kenya)

Illustration & Animation by Nancy Ellis (UK)

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  1. Gits

    October 20, 2011 at 8:03 am

    I love what kwame is doing,i heard the one for wangari maathai, this video is dope man keep it coming,let us know where to find your music 

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