Animal Farm: Photography by Daniel Naudé

Animal Farm: Photography by Daniel Naudé

There is amazing exquisiteness to Daniel Naudé’s work, a South African Photographer. Naudé began this Animal Farm series during a road trip from Cape Town to Mozambique in 2008. Capturing stray feral Africanis dogs that stared back at him and run. Later on he explored stories in South African history that involved domesticated animals that lead him to discover information about how animals can represent and be symbolic of a culture.

On extended periods spent in rural South Africa brought Naudé closer to understanding the complex relationship farmers have with domesticated animals, and he began to see other common animals like donkeys, sheep and goats in a different way.

The beauty and symbolism that his photos draw are magnetic and fascinating. He portrays his subjects with a sense of wonder and awe that allows us to see them afresh. He allows his viewers to see a magnificence to these animals we would otherwise have ignored.  See more of his work here.

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