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African Portraits by Mario Gerth

Beautiful and dynamic portraits by German photographer Mario Gerth. Beautiful is an understatement in this case, Mario’s subjects span from different regions across Africa, from countries such as Namibia, Niger, Kenya, Mali and Ethiopia. He has quite a collection, it was hard to decide but here are some of our favorites.

Leresh - striking samburu moran, kenya

old samburu from logologo / kenya

moran from samburuland / kenya

woman of the Ovakakaona tribe / northern namiba

mursi girl from mago / omo valley

mursi warrior / omo valley

hamar little girl / ethiopia

mursi from mago / ethiopia

Karos Son - little karo boy just after a ceremony / omo vally

simple and beautyful / omo valley

Mursi lady without lipplate / omo valley

Meruti - very strong looking mursi boy from omo vally / ethiopia

Nyangatom / ethiopia

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