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Studio Ang for Bankika / KCB

Studio Ang – is VFX  / Animator Bob Muchiri’s studio who pulled a stella job creative directing & animating these Bankika commercials for KCB (Kenya Commercial Bank) that are now airing in Kenya and in East Africa. Working with a director, DOP (Director of photography), talent and dancers for the shoot and moving on to work with 2 other designers on the production end brought labouring work to come together in these three commercials.

Using music video-esc treatments with real singers, like rapper K-Letta, gave these bank loan advertisements authenticity. Using swahili slang partially in the ads  gave them an in with a younger audience.

Barbara Muriungi was lead designer, handling scenes that showed the singer’s lifestyle,  Kevin Sanare worked on the typography & dance scenes and Bob also added to the designs where needed. The music direction was provided by Nameless – David Mathenge.

See more of the designs here:

See Credits here:

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