Interview with Studio Muti

Interview with Studio Muti

Have you had the experience of looking at a portfolio and wondering what exactly it is you are doing with your life? Well Studio Muti is packed so much full of talent I hope that they inspire you to work harder on whatever you are working on. Thankfully they reached out to me and I had a chance to get to know more about this newly formed studio started by Clinton Campbell and Miné Jonker. Enjoy.

So tell us a little about yourself.

Studio Muti is Clinton Campbell and Miné Jonker.

We come from very different backgrounds: Clint studied Graphic Design at Stellenbosch University and specializes in design and typography. Miné comes from a Fine Arts background and did a Multimedia course at The Open Window in Pretoria. She focused on digital painting, and Photoshop work. This diversity helps us as we can tackle pretty much anything, and it’s been fun combining these different disciplines.

How did Studio Muti get started? What are your interests?

We spent four valuable, fun-filled years with Illustration pioneers Am I Collective, and formed part of the team working together to create world class illustration.  In August this year we waved goodbye to our friends and started our own company.  Together we  provide illustration, typography and design for the ad industry both locally and abroad, whilst also making time for our own projects, collaborations and exhibitions.


What has your experience and creative process been like?

We’re meeting a lot of people through promoting our work and it’s great to open the doors to new collaborations and partnerships.  At the moment we’re working on some exciting projects: a T-shirt design, a street art exhibition, a custom toy and the cover of a creative publication – so it’s going to be a very fun-filled month. We’re scouting for a studio space where we can create an environment for a whole bunch of freelance artists and designers to work together, collaborate and inspire each other when needed, while still being independent.  In the meantime we’re sharing an office with friends who have the most amazing view of Table Mountain from their balcony, which makes it hard to work.


Who are the folks that inspire you?

Who inspires us? That’s tough, but we love the work of James Jean, Sam Weber, Jillian Tamaki, Jonathan Calugi, Alex Trochut, Jon Contino, Jessica Hische… the list goes on!




So how do we get to know more about you?

Visit to see our portfolio
follow us on twitter as @studiomuti
or find us on Facebook…
So no excuse not to say hello!  🙂

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