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Journey through Southern and Eastern Africa

Photographer Dillon Marsh chronicles his journey through Southern and Eastern Africa. Marsh travelled from Nairobi to Cape Town over the course of two months using only public transportation.

An Umbrella Tree in Hell’s Gate National Park, Kenya.

A woman with a child sells cured fish in the market in Kisumu, Kenya.

A beached boat in the harbour in Kisumu surrounded by water hyacinth. Although the situation in Lake Victoria has improved in recent years, the hyacinth still remains a problem in parts of the lake.

An almost endless queue of Matatus (minibus taxis) push to get into the taxi park in Kampala.

A street scene in Gisenyi, Rwanda, with the intimidating Mount Nyirangongo in the distance.

A child stands behind a pile of volcanic rock, a remnant of the lava flow that passed through this part of Goma in 2002.

An elderly man walks though one of the many narrow streets of Stone Town.

Whenever the Tazara train stopped in Tanzania, which was frequently, there were almost always people gathering around to sell goods to the passengers.

Passengers watch as people and goods are exchanged between the Ilala and its smaller transport boats.

For more photographs from this series and others, please visit his website:



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