African Weekly Inspiration 104

African Weekly Inspiration 104

Every week African Digital Art showcases digital projects made by African artists or projects influenced by Africa. It is exciting to see African projects that displays and encourages creativity. Inspiration is a key component in the design process so we searched the web for the best projects from a variety of genres. We are here to promote your work so don’t forget to send us your recommendations.  You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr so post your projects and we’d be happy to share.

Where it’s at

Studio Muti

Sauti Sol SXSW

Musa Omusi


African Basketball Online

Tonka Truck

Mercy Me

Karen Miranda Augustine

Just A Band – Hey!(Boxing Day Special)

Digital Portraite “Youruba Dada”

Milos Djurdjevic

David West Editorial


KFC Streetwise Kleva

Warwick Kay


Udoh Augustine

Blitz the Ambassador – Best I Can ft. Corneille (Native Sun)

Green City in the Sun

Omondi Abudho

Stereo Dude

Zeddy Benson

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