Cape Town’s “Behance Portfolio Review 2012” hosted by Am I Collective

Cape Town’s “Behance Portfolio Review 2012” hosted by Am I Collective

Behance is hosting their 2012 portfolio review in various cities and Cape Town’s hand picked choice by Behance to be hosts were the lovely designers and peeps at Am I Collective. Lined up to present their work at the swanky Tjing Tjing Bar on Longmarket street in down-town Cape Town, were Gerhard Human (Illustrator), Nanna aka Marija Anja Venter ( Comic Artist, Graphic Designer & Illustrator), Rikus Ferreira (Designer, Illustrator and Drawer), Merwe Marchand Le Roux (Illustrator at Am I Collective), Xanele Puren (whom we’ve featured before – Owner, Painter and Illustrator at See-Saw-Do), and Bruce Mackay (whom we’ve also featured previously – Illustrator & Graphic Designer).

An incredible bunch of talented artists & designers and all, illustrators in different disciplines, doing incredible work. For those of us who missed it, here are some photos from the night (May 15th) by Am I Collective & some of the artists work from their portfolios.

Thumbs up to Behance whose mission is to empower Creative Professionals around the world and encourage their online community to take part and receive feedback from peers in their own local Communities. A hat tip as well to Am I Collective whom we love and admire for getting this event together.

Next Behance cities to showcase their work are Nairobi, Kenya (Friday 18th May) and Johannesburg, South Africa (Saturday 19th May) and a few more.

Cape Town Presenters:

Gerhard Human

Nanna aka Marija Anja Venter

Rikus Ferreira

Merwe Marchand Le Roux


Xanele Puren

Bruce Mackay

Audience at the event


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