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Honey Spiders by Lung Studios

Produced for The Parlotones, this is the latest work by animators Lung Studios. The music video has great character design and awesome 3D animation mixed in with live action. A formidable feat, Enjoy!


Music: The Parlotones

Claudio Pavan

Lung Animation.
Arri Reschke
Claudio Pavan

Claudio Pavan

Character Design:
Arri Reschke
Darren Macpherson
Claudio Pavan

Film Production:
Heart Studio
Dop: Tyrone Mackay
Dit: Jason Mackay
Producer: Annelie Mare

Blackginger Studios
Grade: Jan Van Diermen
Production: Tracy-lee Portoni
Animation: Andre de Villers
Special Thanks:
Marc Bloch, Hilton Treves

Matte Painting:
Ed Babb

Sound FX:
Christian Rossouw

Graeme Cowi

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