The Forgotten: Example of an African Middle-Class

The Forgotten: Example of an African Middle-Class

A few months ago, while I was in Nairobi I had the pleasure of meeting photographers, Miguel Hahn and Jan-Cristoph Hartung in the midst of their latest project. We had a conversation about this project and they were excited to capture the daily lives of a rarely seen subsection of the population in Africa, the middle class. Take a Look at their brilliant photo essay.

The Forgotten

Images from Africa in the Western media show mostly terrible misery, war, hunger and poverty. According to UN figures more than ninety percent of all Africans live neither in war nor crisis-areas and the economic growth of some African countries is among the largest in the world.

Kenya‘s economic growth is annually between five and six percent which is three times higher than the growth in Germany. This is above all to the credit of the middle class, which is probably the most crucial potential for the development of the country. Nevertheless you hardly notice anything about the lives of african middle class people. We traveled to the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi to meet and create a portray of people belonging to the middle class.


Sebastian. Security guard. Guarding a House in one of the wealthier areas of Nairobi.

Mwongera, Danika Ethan and Gabby. Mwongera is a Businessman.Danika is a home maker.

Ayanda and Anele.

Simon and Chris. Checking the rates at the Ngong horse racecourse. The horse racecourse is divided in two areas. One has a entry-fee and offers security, this one is prefered by members of the middle-class. The other one, behind the fence is free of entry fees and is frequented by people belonging to lower social classes.

George Evans. Security guard. He also takes care of the plants in that row house estate.

Jairo. Former football player in the Kenyan premier league.

Nairobi West

Lewis. Architecture student. His girlfriend was pregnant and he was looking for an apartment to move in with his new family.

Triza and Miley. Brand strategists

Eastlands, Nairobi.

Captain Morgan. Plumber.

Lizzie, Peter, Here and Sere. On a sunday after church. Next to a pool that was set up for baptisms.

Viny. Manager of the Y.M.C.A (Young man Christian association) swimming-pool. The Y.M.C.A is owned by the kenyan rotary club.

Mawazo. Editor at the UP Magazine, Nairobi‘s only magazine for arts, youth- and popculture.

Gor. Visual Artist. In his exhibition-room at the kuona trust art-center.

Humphrey. Cab driver. In front of a residential area in South C, a typical middle class area in Nairobi.

Thomas. Security Guard in a famous nightclub, K1

Luseno. On a Saturday night at a night club in Westlands, Nairobi.

For more take a look their website…

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  1. nduta

    October 4, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    the pic captioned as Eastlands, Nairobi is actually an estate in South B near the shopping centre

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