When The Rains Come

When The Rains Come

When the Rains Come is a children’s book illustrated and designed by Malika Favre. The project was initiated by MUMs (Malawi Underprivileged Mothers). The book tells the story of an old folk tale from Malawi designed to not only raise awareness about young mothers in Malawi.

“My approach was very instinctive and quite different from my usual creative process. This project was not about paring things down but about bringing patterns, animals and colours to life in a joyful and almost chaotic way….. The real challenge was to communicate the reality of the situation for Malawi children while retaining and celebrating the joy of Malawi culture. We didn’t want to create a grim assesment of life in Malawi but rather raise awarness about the current situation in a positive way.”

– Malika Favre

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