Dear Mandela

Dear Mandela

Film screening part of the ongoing Film Africa Festival in London, November 1-11.


Almost two decades after the end of formal apartheid, the ANC promises of ‘housing for all’ have failed to materialize, and informal settlements have mushroomed; 12 million South Africans – about 20% of the population – currently live in desperate conditions without adequate water, electricity, and sanitation. As forced mass evictions threaten to destroy the lives of families and communities under the seemingly innocuous Slums Act, this award-winning documentary, filmed with warmth and compassion, tells the awe-inspiring story of three dynamic young South African activists determined to stop the bulldozers. Together, they lead the largest social movement in their country – Abahlali baseMjondolo, or the ‘Shack Dwellers’ Movement’. Using the South African Constitution as their guide, and, despite constant threats of violence from ANC-supporters, demolitions, prison detention, and assassination attempts, the shack dwellers take the South African government to the highest court in the country to fight for their right to a home.

Dir. Dara Kell and Christopher Nizza. South Africa/USA. 2011


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