From 13th to 18th November, the fifth edition of the film festival AFRIKAMERA took place in Berlin. As suggested in its subtitle African women on and behind the screen, this year the festival focused on women in African cinema and presented to a Berlin audience a diverse range of contemporary films and documentaries from the new generation of female filmmakers, producers and script writers from Africa. Many of those women such as the Nigerian producer Chichi Uzuegbu, or the Burkina actress Georgette Paré also participated to festival, they spoke about their work and career but also answered the questions of the audience.
Little booklet about the festival - Johanna Tagada

Beside the screening program, AFRIKAMERA presented various events, such as the workshop Wedding! Afrikanische Spurensuche by filmmaker Angèle Diabang and the Saturday 17th began with a discussion on the topic Female Screens, Women Filmmakers in Africa with journalists, actresses, producers, film critics and theorists from Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Nigeria, Guyana and England.

AFRIKAMERA is organised by the nonprofit cultural association, toucouler e.V., which is engaged in the intercultural dialogue between Africa and Germany since 2007.

Below a selection of films and documentary presented by AFRIKAMERA this year:

Ici on noie les Algériens, 17 Octobre 1961 by Yasmina Adi, Algeria / France 2011

Witches of Gambaga by Yaba Badoe, Ghana 2010

Sur la planche by Leila Kilana, Marocco / France / Germany 2011

Imani by Caroline Kamya, Uganda / Sweden 2010

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