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GT Cool Mints Packaging


Grand Touring / Traveller’s Peppermints Concept Packaging.

Visualization for limited edition, collectors tin-box packaging featuring the wonderful illustrations and watercolour paintings by Stefan Marjoram. Three colour themes were used and based on the illustrations themselves; red, green, blue with an overall retro-style further emphased by some of the typography and logo elements.
Please visite Stefan Marjoram’s websites, www.stefanmarjoram.com or www.flickr.com/photos/stefanmarjoram/ and his sketch blog showcasing many of his amazing watercolour based illustrations http://stefanssketchblog.blogspot.com



Jepchumba is an AFRICAN DIGITAL ARTIST and DIGITAL ENTHUSIAST who works hard to combine her two passions: Digital Media and Africa. Originally from Kenya, she has lived around the world developing her interest in philosophy, art and technology. An African digital artist, Jepchumba loves experimenting with motion, sound and various digital effects and techniques and has an extensive background in digital art, web design and development, audio/visual production and social media strategies.

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  • Great to see the pictures and to know that how can be used for packaging.

    BharatTutors February 23, 2013 12:22 am Reply

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