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My Twisted Self


A short while back, I shot some self portraits in a short burst of inspiration that kicked in in the night and I had to satisfy the itch. I took my camera (with the 60mm macro lens) and walked into studio and set up my lights and put the camera on tripod and tried out something. The results were supposed to be very dark and weird. When editing though, I mirrored my face and realized it was creating something interesting that I didn’t expect. I decided to toy around with some of these reflections and realized that each piece reminds me of something. Brings certain phrases to my mind. This, I now share with you.

Some of these may be weird, some nasty and some normal. Let me know what you think about them. Under each is the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the finished product. Is it the same for you?

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Ant Head

City Watch

The Joker

Two Face

Apocalypse Now

Face Off

The Writer

African Mask

Modern African Mask

The Alien


Pablo Picasso

Solar Eclipse

Blind Poet



Mutua Matheka is an artist born and bred in Machakos, Kenya and now lives and works in Nairobi. Mutua is originally a graduate Architect whose interest developed into drawing, illustration, graphic art, architectural visualization and Photography. Known as truthslinger on twitter and instagram where he runs the #Kenya365 project.

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