Voodoo in West Africa

Voodoo in West Africa

Photographer Anthony Pappone captures the religion of voodoo in West Africa.

This religion in ancient traditions, the voodoo is the official religion of Benin.The voodoo means spirit or deity was born in West Africa more precisely in Benin, but is also practiced in Togo, Ghana is Burkia Faso is other neighboring countries.Europeans or americans believe that voodoo is ‘black magic that is’ evil but it is false, the voodoo religion is based on respect and peace.

the fundamental bases of the voodoo religion are:
voodoo priests.
the fetishes that contain the power of the spirits.
dance music.
dances with masks.
ceremonial dances.
Animal sacrifices to give thanks to the spirits.
objects magical.
the veneration of ancestors.


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