Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Not for the fainthearted, Big Daddy is a short film written and directed by Chris Ihidero and produced by Amaka Igwe. The film is about rape and sexual abuse in Nigeria addressing the frightening statistic that 20% of Nigerian women experience emotional, physical and sexual violence.

We decided to make a film on rape because we believe that, for our society to truly combat this abnormality, we need to lay our collective shame bare. We need to strip off the layers upon layers of coverings that hide the realities of rape and sexual abuse. We believe that we all need to come clean and accept the blame for whatever part we have played, consciously or not, in ensuring that rape victims continue to lack support and justice, and lives continue to get ruined. We fear that unless we collectively do something quickly, anarchy may be loosed upon us all in the very near future” – Chris Ihidero



Director: Chris Ihidero
Executive Producer: Amaka Igwe
Cast: Zara Abimbola Udofia, Yemi Adeyemi, Tunbosun Aiyedehin
Released: 2011

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