At the Heart of Me

At the Heart of Me

At The Heart of Me, The logbook of a joyful dreamer is a best selling new book by Ivory Coast photographer Paul Sika. The book features his electric photography.

There are as many Africas as there are people perceiving « that thing » called Africa. Revised, corrected and augmented, this second edition of At The Heart Of Me is the visual and written first witness account of a young man who aspires to attain the African Dream. And what is the African Dream ? The African Dream is the African version of the Human Dream.

At The Heart Of Me can be considered the logbook of a contemporary voyager, as he sails through the days and nights, in attainment of the dream of dreams.

There are two interwoven books within At The Heart Of Me. One is a collection of colorful photo series painting the portrait of a vibrant world and the other is an ensemble of anecdotes and insights experienced over the distance travelled. Together, they constitute the trail left behind by a joyful journeyman.

This book will serve Africa and its lovers, its thinkers, its tourists, its visionaries, its dreamers, its builders, its explorers and its questioners.

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