Butterfly Wing Art from CAR

Butterfly Wing Art from CAR

Contribution by Muse Origins

Butterfly Wing art is a form of artwork where instead of using paint or pencil to draw, you use Butterfly wings. Yes, actual Butterfly wings. Two artists that have perfected this art are Paul Caparatta and Central African, Rosalie Yonaba Bernier. This special artwork originated from Central African Republic (CAR) since days past. I hear it stemmed out of an amazing natural phenomenon where the October/ November skies would literally rain thousands of butterflies (probably during migration season) while millions more fly past. The Central Africans would then collect their wings and use them to create original and beautiful artwork!

These Butterfly art prints are by Paul Caparatta. He creates portriats of African women, scenes of indeginous animals (not shown here) etc., using only butterfly wings. He takes special care to make sure that no endangered species of butterflies are used! And because of the uniqueness of each butterfly, even when Caparatta creates identical artworks, they are still unique. See some below:


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  1. Stephanie Burgess

    April 18, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    I have some of these and I love them. They are so beautiful and even more beautiful than what a photograph can express. Thank you for this article.

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