Afronauts on Ipad & iphone

Afronauts on Ipad & iphone

Last year we featured a very popular project by Christina de Middel, Afronauts. We are pleased to announce their launch of the interactive iPhone and iPad app.

Cristina De Middel joined forces with Ubicuo Studio, an app publishing house responsible for the first published photobook for iPad in Spain (November, 2011), to make The Afronauts available on iPad and iPhone. They have made not only an ‘adaptation’ of the book, but a really transportation of it. The interactivity between the book itself and the reader has been rethought and the book for iPad and iPhone has different ways of being read. Cristina De Middel wants the reader to interact with her photobook The Afronauts.

We’ve wanted to create an experience for the user, recreating an atmosphere. When the book starts the user will have to navigate and explore the sky looking for something that he/she doesn’t know. Cristina De Middel loves to play with her ‘readers’ and ‘spectators’ and she has found that an ideal format to do so is creating an app photobook with Ubicuo Studio.





We love the app, take a look and purchase it here… For iPad, for iPhone




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