Legio Maria

Legio Maria

Contributor: Elizabeth Chege

Legio Maria (Latin for ‘Legion of Mary’), is a series of photographs by Andre Epstein. This set of photographs portrays the followers of a Legio Maria church located in Kibera slum, Nairobi.

The Legio Maria church represents the continuation of a Luo community response to Christianity seen in its colonial form, and the control exercised by European missionaries on Christian communities in western Kenya. Legio Maria is a new religious movement and African independent church. The doctrine follows the central message of Christianity, and specifically in the central role of Mary as ‘queen’, ‘mother’ and the ‘mediatrix’. However, beliefs concerning the interaction between the world of the spirits and that of living human beings differs slightly from mainstream Catholic beliefs.

It was founded in the 196os by Simeo Ondeto (died 1992), a catechist (religious teacher), and Gaundencia Aoko. Both claimed to have undergone prophetic experiences that invested them with divine authority and directed them to reject traditional magic and divine healers. Excommunicated for this, Ondeto and Aoko formed a new all-African church that offered free healing by prayer and the exorcism of evil spirits. With the departure of Aoko the movement has declined in strength. However, it remains the largest African church to have emerged from a Roman Catholic background.





At the Legio Maria church in Kibera, Nairobi. Copyright 2012 © Andre Epstein
This notebook is full of revelations from God. he believeS they are in ancient greek, aramaic, and hebrew. one day, he told me, he will learn these languages so he can decipher the many notebooks he has filled with this writing. -Andre









Epstein is also involved in Binamu Wawili (Swahili for ‘Two Cousins’) which is a collaborative effort between himself and Alexander Nicholson. Follow them on Facebook.

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  1. Jeff Henrys

    January 9, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Legio Maria was founded by Baba Simeo Melkio Ondetto and Mama Regina Also known as Mama Maria. Gaudencia Aoko was just a prophetes of the two ppl …Simeo and Mama Maria. since Mama Maria was already very old…it was Gaudencia who converted many ppl to Legio Maria.

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