Meaning Motion

Meaning Motion

How does movement perform (or make) meaning? This question is asked by two highly innovative interactive digital artists, Tegan Bristow and Nathaniel Stern, in the exciting new exhibition, Meaning Motion, at the Wits Art Museum.

Stern and Bristow’s art incorporates cutting edge technologies like Microsoft Kinect. The appearance of the artworks is dependent on visitors moving in front of the technology. As a result full-body interactions from public participants make spoken word; sound; projected animation; text; drawing; and video; come alive and then shift and change with movement. Viewers explore, experience, and practice making meaning through how they move and interact with the art.

Stern and Bristow explore fascinating questions in their artwork: ‘In encountering and rehearsing how we interact, there’s potential for different ways of relating in and with the world. How might we find alternative routes of making meaning through and with embodiment? What happens when we use our bodies to listen and communicate with more care? How can we better make space for others around us, through our interactions? Can we take account of and change how we move and think and feel in the everyday, and what are the implications and impacts of that making meaning?

EXHIBITION: Meaning Motion
Nathaniel Stern and Tegan Bristow
DATES: 12 June – 18 August 2013








Photos by Christo Doherty



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