Feature Artist: Adel El Siwi

Feature Artist: Adel El Siwi

Some contemporary art inspiration by renowned Egyptian artist Adel El Siwi. El Siwi is recognized around the world for his artwork that speak to the political and social climate of Egypt. His work is a break from the digital arena, using traditional Egyptian techniques to create this dynamic work.


“[El Siwi’s] art becomes a commentary on the disillusionment caused by political corruption and state control, and an inspiration for individuals to regain consciousness of their communities. Adel’s painting palette is a very important and distinctive feature in his painting, inspired by the concept that less is more. El Siwi is interested in the cyclical nature of life and community which starts with the individual and their multifarious personalities and feelings. His artworks are frequently viewed in series and thus different emotional states are parodied, they become ironic through their interaction.” – Al Masar Gallery

Non-Classified Others



Faces (the face as the head)


Faces (the face as a shadow)


African Princesses



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