Wooden Iphone case by Karo Akpokiere

Wooden Iphone case by Karo Akpokiere

We have always loved the work of Nigerian graphic designer Karo Akpokiere. He was recently commissioned to design an iPhone case for the World Wildlife Fund.

Love Through Design in collaboration with Haydanhuya; meaning coming from God and going back to God, present a collection of handmade one-off wooden iPhone 4 cases designed by artists in aid of WWF.We joined forces with talented artist Karo Akpokiere to bring you a unique, limited edition case that is also a piece of art; it is made using one piece of solid linden wood that has been carved and sanded in Istanbul. Brilliant laser cutters and engravers Good Works, based in London from our artists, etch each edition. Inside the case there is lining of soft felt to hold the iPhone gently and to prevent the screen from scratches. Micro magnets make it easy to open and close the rare special edition case with additional leather strap to lock the phone firm in its case.This Limited Edition collection of iPhone cases is created to support WWF activities to protect endangered wildlife and environments, tackle climate change and promote sustainable use of resources. From steamy tropical rainforests to dreamy English chalk streams, they work on every continent to halt and wherever possible reverse dramatic declines in wildlife species and the destruction of the places where they live.

bdb0419a5c73176822fb581f188df6c032afdd9cf7029f3d4e91464094c05b63 f7d65e1f7c5bb88265bbe80b09522e5cThe case is available now on the Love Through Design site: http://www.ltdedn.bigcartel.com/product/karo-akpokiere-line-wooden-casehttp://www.ltdedn.bigcartel.com/karo-akpokiere


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  1. Rocketcases

    July 15, 2013 at 3:37 am

    Cool wood case. We’ve got a pretty nice one as well: http://www.rocketcases.com/case/iphone-5/woody

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