Dougla: Afro Caribbean Patterns and Textures

Dougla: Afro Caribbean Patterns and Textures

Print, texture and pattern inspiration from designer Cherry Ann Davis. Davis is a graphic designer from Trinidad and Tobago. This recent project explores her culture.

Dougla is a colloquial term used in Trinidad and Tobago to define a person belonging to an ethnicity that is mixed races, typically African and East Indian. For this project I looked at the purpose of patterns as it relates to culture, particularly ancient culture. I noted that many cultures had elements that make them significant e.g languages, customs and patterns.

Dougla is used as a cultural expression through pattern utilizing simple colour schemes representative of the diversity of the Caribbean Diaspora. I was intrigued by how many of the patterns survived the centuries and the manufacturing processes were also passed through the generations. Dougla seeks to create a pattern for the diversity of the Caribbean, utilising one triangle in varying arrangements. I see this project as a unifying agent of our varied cultures and an attempt to make a pattern that can be our mark in history with the great cultures of the world.






dougla10 dougla7







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