Exclusive Premier: Rumpi Monde

Exclusive Premier: Rumpi Monde

Rumpi Mondé portrays Zumé a black young man immersed in the streets of Rio de Janeiro during a dawn unparalleled in his life. When leaving home the boy is in a mood full of symbols and situations that bring them into conflict with the medium in which he is. Zumé faced with alcohol, women and spiritual experiences at night. As dawn breaks, the outcomes of the night develop into a sequence of severe morning imagery where he finds himself walking barefoot on his return back home.

Wrapped in songs that flow and act as a change agent Zumé becomes the environment in which his spirit lives and reigns: THE STREET.

Rumpi is a drum of candomblé a afro religion of Brazil, and Mondé is the name of the company and also the name of an indegenous people native from here too. The purpose of our work is show to the young people the real roots of brazilian culture using a urban background like a vehicle to spread the real objective behind ou projects. We use a assignature called: NOSSA CULTURA. NOSSO ESPAÇO. Which means OUR CULTURE. OUR SPACE. A strong concept with a strictly relationship with people roots everywhere.



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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MondeProd
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/mondeproducoes

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