WeBuilt: Africa

WeBuilt: Africa

WeBuilt: Africa is a project founded by Ada Umeofia, that focuses on using design solutions to solve problems in Africa.

WeBuilt: Africa hopes to implement change in Africa with contemporary design and architectureby redesigning and rebuilding the worn outmarket stalls and eventually homes with recycled building materials across the slums of its many countries. 

‘Bi-Table Unit’ is the first design we’ve taken to the market so far. It is design for the butchers in the market, it provides a multisurface area for their trade as opposed to the single surface table they currently use.

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WeBelieve contemporary design is meant for alland not just ‘high society’ so, WeIntend to introduce innovative architecture with the influence of respective pre-existing conditions. In essence, WeRedesign a stall for example, with select materials used in it’s original design as well as maintaining its initial overall design. The building process is estimated to last no more than 24 hours per stall as the pieces will be prefabricated then assembled on site, think full scale lego pieces for reference.


Found via Timbuktu Chronicles.

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