Egyptian Interactive Art: Augmented Reality

Egyptian Interactive Art: Augmented Reality

I had the pleasure of meeting Egyptian multimedia artist Sameh Al Tawil at the A Maze Johannesburg Festival. Sameh has been showcasing his interactive art project, Augmented Reality around the world. His project is a great example of some of the artistic contemporary digital artists have been using in Egypt.

A man holds a placard of Al SISI Egypt’s military commander and faces a screen playing footage identical to the man’s surroundings, almost. On the screen, the sign he’s holding turns into a photo of the Isolated President Mohamed Morsi. The other signs featuring non-Islamist leaders, Slogans or / and messages appear as either Islamist politicians, members, slogans or says of the Muslim Brotherhood regime. Chants supporting Former President Mohamed Morsi and his regime echo through that Installation. This project inspired by the nation’s media and #political scenes confusion in #Egypt and critically reflects on the history of #performance and interactive art and the politics of #new_media_art in fragile #post_revolutionary Egypt.

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