Opening of the Museum of African Design

Opening of the Museum of African Design

With the amount of Art and fashion that comes out of the continent, it is quite interesting that there has been no museum set up solely dedicated to design. Thats about to change with the opening of the Museum of African Design in Johannesburg, South Africa this month.

The museum aims to be a “cultural hub” rather than an institution, and is headed by Aaron Kohn,  who readers may be familiar with from Africa Lookbook.

Engaging with some of the most exciting ideas from across Africa and the Diaspora, and sharing them in innovative ways, is going to change the perception of white-walled, glass-boxed institutions.” -Aaron Kohn

MOAD opens with Tanzanian architect David Adjaye as guest of honor on October 25. Upcoming exhibitions include the Southern Guild Annual showcase (runs from October 25-Nov 3), Native Nostalgia and Fashioning Africa.


Check out the site here.


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