Moustapha Alassane: Father of African Animation

Moustapha Alassane: Father of African Animation

Moustapha Alassane is hailed as the father of African animation. Born in 1942 in N’Dougou Niger, Alassane is one of the first filmmakers in Africa contributing to African Cinema since his first films in 1962 – Aoure and La Bague du roi Koda. Since then Alassane has contributed over thirty animations and films.

Alassane is most known for his favorite character, the frog. In 2007 he was awarded the Knight of the Legion of Honour at the Cannes Film Festival. Take a look at his short films, animations and documentary that features his life work.

 A fabulist who sheathed the sharp sting of his political satire within playful stories of water genies, pugilistic frogs, cowboys, and brave fishermen, Alassane parodied colonialist attitudes toward black Africans, the corrupt despotism of local officials, and the shallow materialism of Niger’s youth in a series of animated, fictional, and ethnographic films that remain beloved and influential even today. – MOMA

AEF Film Moustapha Alassane, cinéaste du possible by afrique_en_face

Moustapha Alassane is a living legend in African cinema. His adventures take us to the era of “pre-cinema”, to the times of magical lantern and Chinese shadows. He is the first director of Nigerien cinema and animation films in Africa. He tells very old stories with current technology, but he also narrates the most current events with the most archaic means. This documentary not only tells the adventure of a human being and an extraordinary professional, but the memories of a generation, the history of a country, Niger, in its golden age of cinema.
Director: Maria Silvia Bazzoli Christian Lelong
Producer: Cinédoc Films
Cinematography: Christian Lelong
Editing: François Sculier
Sound: Maria Silvia Bazzoli

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    En mai 1971 a Chadakori, ca droit ete Monsier Alassane qui etait la pour filme UNCC. Moi, j’etait un volontair de Corps de la Paix Americain. Pour un apres midi seulement, lui et moi, nous avons eu une communication formidable sur de chose de film d’animation. J’etait en train de quitter Niger apres trois ans, et je lui a donne mon “pressure cooker” (anglais). Il m’a transporter a Maradi et de retour a Chadakori avec son vehicle de service. Je me remercier vivement! J’ai un photo que je peu envoyer. Avec des memoirs d’emotion. John Baird

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