KIN-BABI: Exhibition of Congolese Contemporary Artists

KIN-BABI: Exhibition of Congolese Contemporary Artists

Closes 18th January 2014

Cécile Fakhoury gallery – Abidjan in association with Magnin-A gallery Paris, presents recent works from the artistic scene of the Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa.

Gathered for one exhibition, those works by contemporary artists living in Kinshasa gives us the image of the actual active and polymorphous Congolese creation. From those universes, contained in canvases, springs up forms and figures that illustrate the real or fantasized Kinshasan life.






Steve Bandoma
Amani Bodo
Pierre Bodo
J-P Mika
Kura Shomali
Monsengo Shula
Pathy Tshindele

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury
Boulevard Latrille, 06 BP 6499 Abidjan 06 Ivory Coast 
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