Lines, Streets, and Riots

Lines, Streets, and Riots

“There’s a strange kind of dance visitors to the Julie Mehretu show at London’s White Cube gallery take part in which is jolly fun to observe. At first they stand and take in the huge paintings, then move forward, faces inches from the canvases to examine the painstakingly layered detail, then back again, then forward ad infinitum.”

Honestly, the first time I saw the works of Ethiopian-born artist, Julie Mehretu, on the net, I did this same dance! Only I did it with zoom so it wasn’t so tiring. The statement above captures the originality of Mehretu’s paintings. She mixes lines, patterns and shapes in a way that at first, looks like chaos, but on closer inspection, shows logic. Her art is a weird mix of architecture and politics; think of all the squares that riots for human rights have ever taken place. See some of them below. What do you think?










Also, this interview of Julie Mehretu by The Guardian is a good read.

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