Moondust: Afrofuturist Artwork

Moondust: Afrofuturist Artwork

Moondust  is a recent illustration project by visual artist Sara Golish inspired by Afrofuturism.

The inspiration has [like all my work] come from many varying sources. However, these pieces are heavily based in Afrofuturism and various natural hair styles coloured girls rock. Inspired by music, 70s & 80s vinyl album covers, Sci-Fi, futuristic elements and retro flavours, by funky jewelry, the universe, magic and the unlimited possibilities of the imagination. I chose to fuse my rendered drawing technique with my more loose, stylized ink sketches. To create something that was unique to my personal flair while being more than a sketch in my notebook. Something that people could access.

The faces are all made up. There was no photo reference used for them. Something I have been meaning to overcome for a while now. It’s difficult to create a 3D form into a 2D plane using convincing shadows, but I’m happy with the results. Everything was created from my imagination with elements such as some of the hair and jewelry inspired by images I’ve come across, with nothing copied directly. The eyes were left ‘vacant’ to lend themselves to a more sculptural form and to add to the otherworldly, Sci-Fi appeal I was going for. But really, they just look cooler that way, no?














You can buy the prints on her website. 


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  1. malarts

    February 1, 2014 at 4:57 pm

    Awesome illustrations, great shades

  2. Lucid Moth

    February 1, 2016 at 10:35 am

    BEAUTIFUL—Thank you so much for having a site like this. I finally have a place to come and get the truth about all things art from within mother Africa.

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