Experiment in Movement: Animation by Toyin Odutola

Experiment in Movement: Animation by Toyin Odutola

I was so exhausted from having to draw out each of the sketches, scan them, upload them and finally synchronize them, that I simply went tomakeagif and had the blasted thing do it for me. I wasn’t ready for another three or so hours of editing 20 frames/sketches for a custom gif. I simply require to see the entire movement in sequence to understand which moments will work, just how long the piece will last and how to time the loop.

This entire exercise is completely new to me, but I cannot contain my excitement (and apprehension). There is much work to be done, and intend on tackling this during break (as well as finishing my thesis edit, but that’s another story).

This animation idea was also heavily inspired by seeing a video of the AKIRA pencil sketches, which I stumbled upon sometime last year. I was blown away by how they captured the motion of each individual character so seamlessly—even as rough sketches, and all of this was done in the 80s. It feels surreal, even as a rough draft!

Toyin Odutola

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