Event: The Power of Film to Transform Lives and Communities

Event: The Power of Film to Transform Lives and Communities

Pidgin Perfect have teamed up with African film researcher Natalia Palombo, in an exciting collaboration with the British Council’s Connect ZA project, and Creative Scotland to deliver the project, The Power of Film to Transform Lives and Communities: A Festival of African Storytelling, Film & Design, as part of World Design Capital 2014 in Cape Town this May.

From Johannesburg to Cape Town and even further afield the project will engage with some of the most talented Africans in the creative arts and design to celebrate and explore, “How design thinking could help harness emergent innovation across African film Production, Exhibition and Distribution to bridge divides and transform lives and communities in Africa and beyond?”

These explorations and discussions facilitated by Pidgin Perfect Co-founder, Dele Adeyemo and Natalia Palombo, will be opened up to greater participation through global twitter conversations run in collaboration with Future Cape Town. The project provides the platform for an intense collective effort that will see the creation of a WIKI African Filmmaking Toolkit, a dynamic document of all the ideas encountered. Following the research phase in South Africa, Pidgin Perfect working with Impact Arts and other partners will put the toolkit to the test working with youth groups in Scotland to create a series of films exploring their identities and communities.

For the full programme please follow this link.

Come participate at one or more of the events please RSVP at dele@pidginperfect.com

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