Feature Artist: Neals Niat

Feature Artist: Neals Niat

Quick conversation with graphic artist and architect Neals Niat.


I was born in Paris but my parents are from Cameroon. I spent 8 years of my life in Douala. Now, I’m studying Architecture in Brussels.

I have been drawing since my childhood. It was just a passion at first, and then I decided to develop this interest into something more concrete. At the same time, I started studying Architecture and I felt this need to introduce my art into my architectural projects.

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As the French and the Cameroonian cultures have always nourished me, I want to transmit this cultural wealth through my work. I’m inspired by my childhood in Douala and especially the memory of what was and is the world surrounding me. I often tell stories through my compositions; sometimes it can be a criticism of the society.
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First, I work with a simple black pencil and a white sheet of paper. Sometimes, I spend weeks on it, and sometimes I can finish a drawing in one night. I sometimes modify things on Autocad, a design and architectural software. I like to compare my work with architectural process. A drawing is never finished you can always improve it.


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