Lost Wax Playing Cards inspired by the Benin Empire

Lost Wax Playing Cards inspired by the Benin Empire

Artist, Olutade Abidoye, gives us a doze of history with his Lost Wax playing cards. The pack of cards consists of 54 playing cards, each featuring beautiful illustrations of kings, queens and courtiers from 15th – 19th century Nigeria, particularly the Benin Empire.

The Lost Wax is actually a difficult method of sculpting (using both clay and metal) that was popular in the Benin Empire. If not for these cards, I would never have known this. This simple fact shows that one of Olutade’s  objectives with these cards is being fulfilled: “If Nigeria’s prosperous past becomes common sense through these cards, then perhaps the notion of a brighter future won’t be so far-fetched.” ~ Olutade.

With these cards, Olutade aims to bring Nigeria’s rich history, culture of sculpture, and the royal kings and queens, to the forefront of everyone’s minds, through portraying consumer goods (such as these cards) as art. See the images below:

Lost-Wax-Playing-Cards-by-Olutade-Abidoye-03 Lost-Wax-Playing-Cards-by-Olutade-Abidoye-02

Source: Muse Origins

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  1. Anu

    April 2, 2018 at 9:18 pm

    Man, I want one of those cards.

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