Pioneer Mozambique artist Valente Malangatana

Pioneer Mozambique artist Valente Malangatana

“much more than a creator, much more than an artist- [Valente Malangatana is ] someone who demonstrates that there is a universal language, the language of art, which allows us to communicate a message of peace, of refusal of war.”

–  UNESCO’s Director-General Federico Mayor

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Valente Malangatana. (1936-2011)

Born in Mozambique, Valente Ngwenya Malangatana has been described as the pioneer of new African Art because of his combination of fearless vision with an unbridled utilization of his heritage.  Acutely sensitive to the political and social implications of colonialism, Valente Malangatana’s canvases depict the remnants of history, a history with foreign definitions of moral and immoral, of God and the Devil and ever-present social pressures.


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