Maker Faire Africa: Johannesburg

Maker Faire Africa: Johannesburg

Come celebrate ‘hand-wrought ingenuity for innovation’ from the dynamic perspective of Africa’s most creative inventors, makers, tinkerers and doers.


This year, Maker Faire Africa 2014 will bring together over 5,000 attendees, along with featured inventors, world-class makers, self-made entrepreneurs & creative tinkerers from South Africa and across the continent, to manufacture real solutions for some of Africa’s most pressing challenges & opportunities.

Attendees to Maker Faire Africa will be inspired by a new view of their own city; a peek into the minds of the inventors who are re-MAKE-ing its future–through new ideas, that lead to new products, that lead to new exports, that lead to new industries, and ultimately re-shape its culture to form a MAKER CITY.


Call for Makers is Now Open!

Maker Faire Africa is actively seeking Makers who are pushing the boundaries of ingenuity and bringing innovative new ideas to agriculture, culinary arts, education, fashion, film, health, power, transportation and more (check out our Call for Makers to see a full list of categories).

Whether your interest lies in technology, engineering, science, humanities, design or fabrication, both Exhibiting Makers and Attendees at Maker Faire Africa 2014 will find themselves welcomed into a community of unapologetically enthusiastic innovators.

Apply to Participate HERE

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