A look at Minerva’s Lilies: Short film on Sisterhood

A look at Minerva’s Lilies: Short film on Sisterhood

Set to a Swahili Tarab song, Minerva’s Lilies is a short film by two sisters Amirah and Wafa Tajdin. The film is a ‘personal portrait of sisterhood, magic and mothers’. Produced by Casimir Film, it was directed by Amirah Tajdin and produced by Amirah’s sister Wafa Tajdin. The sisters own and run Seven Thirty Films, an African based indie production company founded in Nairobi in 2011. The pair currently work in Africa and the Middle East, working on on their first feature film, Hawa Hawaii, set in Mombasa, Kenya.

“A testament to the women in my life, my two sisters and most importantly to my mother. Minerva’s Lilies is a meditation on femininity that I weaved up after watching my mother deal with her daughters leaving the house and her re-assessing her sense of womanhood outside of her primary identity of motherhood after 30 years.”



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