Haythem Zakaria’s Digital Art Self Portrait

Haythem Zakaria’s Digital Art Self Portrait

We are inundated with selfies, however Tunisian digital and visual artist, Haythem Zakaria reconstructs our understanding of our digital selves through this unique digital portrait.


Self Portrait #1
Generative video // 29min 

The idea of this portrait is to reflect my inner self and to create an inner self-portrait. Nevertheless, the point is not to expose my melancholy or my mood changes. No, the idea is to capture flows exchanges and to make inner organic movements visible: inward and outward breath movements, organic rhythm, blood flow… This self-portrait serves as an image vehicle: a vector. It creates a moving diagram reflecting the changing forces going through myself

there are no lineout, no skin or recognizable shape. There are no borders, no limits between what is inside and outside, nothing to segregate my body from its environment. It is not possible to separate flows that surround me from flows running through me.


I consider this self-portrait work as a way to think about self-erasure. This work becomes in so doing the counterpart of the digital image of my body. Digital and organic flows gather to create a new hybrid identity.


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