Nyoni Ndolvu the Assassin

Nyoni Ndolvu the Assassin

Travis Davids is a Freelance Digital Artist from South Africa that has been working in the Entertainment and Graphic Design Industry since 2009.

A character I created called Nyoni Ndolvu from Bloemfontein, South Africa. She’s fluent in Afrikaans and has one hell of a foul mouth. This dual wielding shotgun assassin is somebody you probably don’t want to mess with.

I created this image while taking Maciej’s course at Learn Squared and got my ass kicked multiple times, every day. It was brutal and i’m still not sure how i feel about this final image but at least i can take away a lot of knowledge from the course and apply it again when i try something new. A combination of workflows from multiple programs. I used Fusion 360 for the helmet and shotgun. Some marvelous Designer and Zbrush as well. Not as kickass as the other students work but i tried and i’m focusing on trying to get better.


nyoni1 copy 2

nyoni1 copy


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